Start booming! | Creative | Art Direction | Design 

Based on an study published by the UK Office for National Statistics, revealing that the happiest years of in the UK population is between the ages of 65 to 79, it made complete sense to jump on the trend of promoting healthy living and target this specific demographic that normally we tend to ignore or categorised as dormant but in reality remains quite active and worry-free. 
This was a pitch project aimed to various pharmaceutical companies that are actually sharing this demographic for specific products, specifically vaccination (shingles, diabetes, pneumococcal).

Tougher than you think | Creative | Art Direction | Design 

Flu awareness campaign to encourage the public across UK to get the flu jab. The campaign is aimed at a wide audience, and the placement is always in heavy traffic areas where the spread of the virus is more common, such as public transportation stations and shopping centres.

This phase 2 of the campaign invites and challenges the public to take flu seriously as it can have serious and even deadly consequences.

Days of bliss | Art Direction | Design 

European campaign promoting travel vaccination for the portfolio of Sanofi Pasteur MSD.

Smart travellers | Art Direction | Design 

Amadeus empowering campaign that consisted in define, identify and pair smart online travellers with smart online retailers. Aimed to tech savvy young professionals who do are assertive decision makers.   

Developing a witty, visually impactful look and messaging that emphasises the speed and ease of executing travel bookings online, we managed to engaged with our audience. This flexible B2B campaign was meant to be applied across direct mail and web channels along with other Amadeus regular offerings.

Homecoming| Art Direction | Design | Award winning PM Society 2016

Promotional campaign for travel vaccination, aimed specifically to the asian community living in the UK.

For today | Art Direction | Design 

Promotional campaign to re-vitalise Sustiva in light of new  competitors emerging in the market. 
Sustiva is an HIV medication developed and produced by Brystol Meyers Squibb. The proposition was to capitalise on the 10yrs of innovative leadership in their sector. 
The campaign included several promotional adverts and conference materials, brand guidelines and interactive pieces such as apps for the sales force (sales aid) and interactive table top (UX design), as well as printed materials.

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