Nutrivida is a social business aimed to eradicate malnourishment in Central America by supplying nutritious products at a low cost. Run and operated locally by a network of women from low income communities, the products  include cereal, soup and a powdered drinks.

The tone and feel of the brand needed to be appealing yet familiar, capable of competing and sharing shelf space with established consumer brands to remove the stigma associated with low cost food.  

Nutrivida is a social business developed by Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus (  and in collaboration with FIFCO (Florida Ice & Co)

The success of Nutrivida in Costa Rica, established in 2014,  has led to it's current expansion across Central America and Haiti, localising it's business to help eradicate malnourishment in those sectors of the population that needed the most.
Up to 44% of its profit goes to the network of women (MANU) who ran and operate the business, leaving the rest to cover costs and maintenance of
the operation.

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