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Ever upward:
La Compañía Nacional de Danza 

Arts & Entertainment

The 'Compania Nacional de Danza' (CND) is a costarican national  institution with the mission of professionalize and represent the national dance scene. It’s goal is not only to promote dance as an art form  and entertain through artistic productions, but also to educate about this dynamic art expression

Art Direction | Design


The expressive, evocative visual language embodies
the values of CND

The new branding illustrates the spirit of CND constantly striving to excel, looking forward and re-inventing itself with new and classic performances and with innovative educational programs that reach out to rural communities and simultaneously maintaining a global stage presence with the highest quality in their appearances. Excelsior means “ever upward”, and that’s the goal of CND to stand out through their work showcasing their passion for dance.

Concept and Creative Direction by Mauricio Munoz
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