Other work

Dentists are back


GSK entry proposals for the Ocean Media competition 2020/
Series of billboards designed with the aim to re-establish the connection and gain back the trust between patient and dentist post the COVID 19 pandemic. 

A british staple redefine


Branston Pickle, re-branding proposal. Elevating the perception of this traditional product while respecting it's heritage, this modern design twist could allow Branston to venture into new markets and even increase their range of products with a new more vivid and simple visual identity.

Start where you are

My START Project

Commisioned visual identity for a non-for profit organisation that conducts art and film workshops for young people living in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya.  

The project is currently been adapted and further developed by M&C Saatchi.
Find out more at 

Start Booming

Pitch project

Based on an study published by the UK Office for National Statistics, revealing that the happiest years of the UK population is between the ages of 65 to 79, it made complete sense to jump on the trend of promoting healthy living and target this specific demographic that normally we tend to ignore or categorised as dormant but in reality remains quite active and worry-free.  This was a pitch project aimed to various pharmaceutical companies that are actually sharing this demographic for specific products, specifically vaccination (shingles, diabetes, pneumococcal).

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