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Ithra Downtown:
The winter season of cultural activities

Situated in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, Ithra is the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, an all-purpose cultural hub. I conceptualised and created, along with a team of designers, the winter season campaign, under the concept of 'downtown'. The project consisted in creating an identity and visual system for the winter season that spans from January to June, the hub hosts multiple activities from outdoor cinema to interactive art installations, workshops, food market and a bazaar attracting the local and the international community of expats in the region.

Art Direction | Design


A flexible framework allowing multiple combinations of graphic expressions and imagery

The project consisted of two stages, on the pre-launch stage, the framework developed, was a flat graphic based inspired by urban graphics and signage, such as zebra crossings and transit signs. Three different base patterns were created for a flexible system that allows the inclusion of imagery and the emotive expressions that resonates with a bilingual audience. All combined with a rich colour palette provides a great number of combinations.

Post Mockup_screens.jpg


The Downtown Districts, represent
the activities on offer

The next stage, launch stage, features a series of isometric 3D style illustrations, also under the theme "downtown",  these 'districts' as we called them, represent the different activities on offer, in static and video form, the illustrations were applied to an integrated campaign, particularly active on social media. Although a bilingual campaign, the emphasis across all communications is arabic, as it is the native language

Agency: Prophet
Animations by Chris Conway
Design & Art Direction by Mauricio Munoz and Paul Crump
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