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Retail & Environmental

Nature's Playground:
Perth Duty Free

Created and developed branding campaigns for a series of Duty Free spaces in locations including Málaga, Alicante and Perth.
For Perth,we took tonal and textural inspiration from the urban oasis of Perth nestled within the natural territory and the Six Season of Noongar. — A six part journey following nature at every stage throughout the year, understanding and respecting the land and it inhabitants.From the explosion of wild flowers blooms to the natural golden pinnacles  drenched in the warm light - colour and materials palette as an extension of the raaw, vivid and natural beauty of the wild flower state. Our creative direction - ”Nature’s playground” could marry traditional storytelling with artful intervention.

Art Direction | Design

The concept was based on the wild flowers of the Western territories and a rich colour palette inspired by the Nyoongar seasonal calendar that includes six different seasons in a yearly cycle, Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang. 

food offer
POS display
Outlook Cafe

Agency: Inspired&Co
Design & Art Direction by Mauricio Munoz

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