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Technology. Wellness

Sync, defining digital wellbeing

Ithra is an all-purpose cultural hub situated in Saudi Arabia. As a contractor my task was to conceptualised and created the visual identity for their Digital Wellbeing Programme, called "Sync", which aims to educate the audience in how to build and find a healthier balance with our digital life through a series of workshops, masterclasses and live events online and on-site. The concept was inspired by a 'synching' graphic present on a vast majority of our digital outlets: laptops, smartphones, tablets.

Art Direction | Design | Copywriting


Online and offline, Sync aims to promote and educate on how to have a positive, balanced digital experience

The "Sync" campaign programme falls under the 'sub-brand' category of Ithra, in which the programme "Sync" can have it's own identity but within the parameters of the Ithra branding.

The main vehicle of expression is, of course, digital for what we created a series of digital templates fully customisable for different social media platforms. Additionally, print materials and branded giveaways were created to extend the programme exposure beyond screens.

Agency: Prophet
Design & Art Direction by Mauricio Munoz
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